Reduce call volume regarding account access issues within the Service Center

Objective: Modernize 10+ year user flows that make it hard for consumers to complete account related tasks both inside and out of the product such as reset a password, retrieve a username, verify a device, or get an answer on their own without having to pick up a phone.

Background: Our service center is key to our direct business as it is one of the entry ways that 20+ million people a quarter use to manage their credit information. Because the product is heavily regulated it truly needs to have a best-in-class user experience so consumers can accomplish the most basic tasks that one would encounter with a digital product. Unfortunately, due to TransUnion’s legacy culture, efforts like account access, forgot password, etc. never been prioritized until now.

Getting this right is foundational to our D2C ultimate goal

Because our products are not connected as shown in my impact map, 8.42 million consumers struggle with account access every year which we’re losing $7.62mm in cost savings and revenue just because of outdated flows. Below shows two of the highest cost related issues we uncovered with our ConsumerOps team. Taking these on now is a great example of us chipping away at our larger  unified single sign on product goal as shown in the video above.

Addressing authentication issues that helped us save $250k/year and increase retention revenue by ~300k/year

Currently, ~10% of users cancel their account due to issues logging in. 18.3% of consumers are indicating they are not receiving a code. 36% of consumers reaching out to the contact center indicating their email is outdated. What our solution does is prompt users to easily verify the mobile and email we have on file so we can quickly help them in future account access issues without having to pick up a phone.

Improving forgot username and password flows saved us $5mm/year

Not only did we have authentication issues, we saw consumers having issues with resetting their password and choosing to call vs complete digitally. Overall username issues made up 41% of Account Access issues (not mutually exclusive with Password issues)

On the flip side, password issues made up 45% of Account Access issues (not mutually exclusive with Password issues). 

Quotes from call center that helped inform us where we should focus our redesign: “Honestly, I really don’t remember which username I used. Normally I use DShark91…” “I cannot for the like of me remember my password or secret question, and so I need to write this stuff down don’t I?”