Annual credit report redesign

Objective: Modernize a federal required free credit report product so consumers can easily access their information, understand the details, and easily take action if needed.


Background: is a very important website for all consumers to know about because it allows them to get access to their official credit report that all three bureaus must provide free of charge. Because the product itself is not commercialized in any way, it sometimes gets deprioritized across the many other revenue generating items but for this effort we made it a priority and helped to not only refresh the credit report but prove that we could save time and money if we reused our newly designed UI components to develop. On top of this we even were able to strategically think about how we can position subscription credit monitoring ads across keys areas of the experience to give consumers a chance to get more than just their credit report.


KPIs: Increase enrollments, increase CSAT, improve speed to market (design system)