Redesigning our hosted solution.

Objective: Investigate the common issues our partners and their consumers have with our hosted solution (CreditView Dashboard) and redesign one that truly enables any organization to seamlessly connect with their audience and empower them to take ownership of their financial futures whether that’s building credit, finding credit offers, protecting their identity, or taking control of their privacy.

Platform: React Web

KPIs: Onboard new partners, migrate existing partners onto new platform, increase engagement, improve CSAT (Both partner and end-user), increase speed to market (Reusable UI system)


We grew the hosted solution to $15mm/year and have added over 20mm consumers to the dashboard. We are projected to grow the annual revenue to $20mm/year by adding a few more new financial institutions.


Onboarding speed improved from 6 months to 4 weeks. This means we could stand up a product in less than 4 weeks helping our partners launch faster than ever.


Prototyping and design development productivity went up 60% in 2023 due to continued UI standardization and documentation.


In comparison to other outdated TransUnion UI’s, our modern front-end helped save the business $5mm/year when it came to addressing ADA issues due to a 2019 lawsuit.

Our UX was designed for consumer financial engagement.

With our help, we collaborated with the partners to understand their primary and secondary segments and tailored the dashboard experience to best fit their needs with tons of flexibility still available for them to put their own touch to it.

A launch worth the wait.

Check out how our key partners are leveraging the solution: Navy Federal Union, US Bank, BMO