Helping An Auto Company Digitally Transform Their Ordering Process

This client had been in business for over 40 years and their customers had come to expect the very best for them when it came to industry trends across manufacturing and distributing wheels. Having a solid direct to consumer experience, they turned their attention to their B2B channel where they knew they had improvements to make in order to keep their customers happy and drive internal cost down.


Our research approach involved interviewing executives, their customers and conducting extensive audits of other similar portals. Turning these insights into visual artifacts like consumer journeys gave the business a clear view in the pain points and key opportunities we could help improve processes.

Prototype & Testing

A secured specific online portal for dealer and customer ordering, built on a custom Express.JS with admin access for rapid content updates, and interchangeable component options per user groups. Please note: Due to confidentiality agreements I cannot share this work but always happy to chat more about this exciting challenge we helped solve.