Kemper Health Insurance Agent Workflow Solution

Kemper Health had a goal to modernize their outdated method for selling insurance and collecting custom consumer data. Believe it or not but the agent process involved agents carrying around 20-pound pieces of paper and binder style books. On top of agents having sore backs and arms the overall process was taking too long causing agents to lose prospects and even turn to creating their own Excel style solutions.

Our approach

Our research approach involved talking to health insurance agents and technical stakeholders who gave us the lay of the land. Following our interviews, we shadowed the health agents to gain insight to how they were currently using the paper process. The insights that were uncovered gave us everything we needed to know to design Kemper Health’s first ever digital health insurance form process.

Relentless testing

After extensive prototyping and testing with agents from all levels of experience including age generations, we aligned to the right solution that fit the business goals, technical feasibility, and agent needs.