TransUnion's credit monitoring app redesign

Objective: Modernize the flagship mobile app UX and value prop by leveraging the evolved brand aesthetics, creating a reusable component library system, addressing key ADA / usability issues and developing a competitive premium credit monitoring offer.

Platforms: iOS, Android

KPIs: Increase engagement, Improve CSAT, Increase speed to market (Reusable UI system)

Our business case & results we delivered

Alongside my product counterpart we educated the business on the importance of having a strong mobile app presence specifically for future demographics and above was a video we creates to generate the hype. While this was for vision purposes, we were still able to deliver results with a basic redesign.

Due to the improvements, we took our organic 2020 $1.16mm annual in revenue and grew it 180% to $3mm in 2021 then to $5mm (with no marketing dollars).

Defining the target consumer + north star

As shown in our vision video, consumers choosing to use the app, skewed on the lower end credit scores, much younger, and were using iOS 70% more than Droid users which gave us great confidence on their overall goals and needs that ultimately helped us craft a north star metric.

A smarter front-end, gets us faster to market

To further help the business see the benefits of good design, came the introduction of react technology which allowed us to build, optimize automate, and push consistency forward thanks to our robust Transunion branded library of components.

Our redesign also improved the logged out experience from push communication to the purchase funnel

Above you’ll see examples of key tactics UX owned to experiment and optimize. Overall the biggest win was on the home page where we improved the layout, branding and content hierarchy which led to a 3.57% increase in enrollments.