Making An Emotional Connection With Walmart Moms

Historically AXE nationally targeted an older teen and while this may have been effective at a national level, we saw a unique opportunity at Walmart to connect emotionally closer to their mom shoppers. Through our research we validated that the national message was in fact leaving a void for our core mom shopper resulting in declining AXE sales at Walmart.

Our Approach

Focus on Walmart moms with sons who are entering puberty or going through it now. With this approach, we did something radical, spoke directly to gatekeeper mom at Walmart and encouraging her to poke fun at the struggles of her son’s hygiene. The community of moms sharing the same battle to keep their sons smelling good let alone clean helped us turn things around for AXE.

Our Award-Winning Solution

We created an idea called AXE Tales By Mom that brought Walmart Busy Family Moms into the conversation about their growing boys and the AXE brand. We recruited a leading content creator, Scary Mommy, to reframe the conversation around the brand and drive moms into stores to purchase for their sons. Custom content was promoted through Scary Mommy’s channels and then shared virally.

Results: 1.76MM video views / 31% increase in social engagements / Reversed negative sales trend

2019 WEBBY Honoree CX (Series & Campaigns) Creative Director – Mirum (WPP) “Unilever AXE Start His Journey”

2019 EFFIE Gold Award Single-Retailer Program Mass Merchants Creative Director – Mirum (WPP) “Unilever AXE Start His Journey”