TransUnion Design & UX Labs

Objective: Deploy quality UX talent who can help our internal and external partners solve their problems in a human-centered way, that reduces compliance risk, drives innovation, improves existing product quality, and increases product growth and saves us money in call support.

The capabilities

Notable solution #1: Credit Connect

Objective: In 2021, 1.4 million consumers were blocked from submitting a credit application because their credit report were locked and/or frozen and when this happens consumers may abandon the credit application all together which is a lose, lose situation for everyone. In order to prevent this from happening we created a stand-alone solution any partner could integrate within their credit application process so consumers can seamlessly unlock or unfreeze their accounts with never leaving the application.

Notable solution #2: Delinquent Account Resolution

Objective: Help consumers who have been avoiding paying down a delinquent account provide a way to give a reason to collectors why they haven’t been able to make a payment so that it gives collectors a more empathic way to work with them in developing a payment plan.