TransUnion D2C Product Strategy & Design

One of the things that really attracted me to TransUnion was the opportunity to completely re-haul the full direct-to-consumer ecosystem and product design. Fun fact, the TransUnion consumer business was one of the first D2C products to offer credit score and reports and were considered the early innovator pioneers of this space. However, like all products, if they are not tendered, loved, and cared you can quickly find yourself out of touch and unfortunately that is what has happened to TransUnion.

Being the optimist creative person I am, I saw this as the most beautiful problem to solve starting with getting the business on board with the idea of reimagining this entire ecosystem.

Inspiring and leading the business through product discovery

Segment the consumer market.

  • Identify high-value segments, understand their size and economic potential, and understand where it has the right to play and win in this space.

 Workshop and learn from:

  • Existing customers.
  • Former customers.
  • Customers using competitive products.
  • Customers in the market for a product like ours.
  • TransUnion stakeholders to align on the core root of the issues, business mission, and future vision.
    • TransUnion SMEs and included them in ideation.¬†
    • Understand legacy technology & architecture
    • Understand front-end UI scaleability

Establish and deliver the vision and strategy.

  • Executive research summary
  • Future state vision, business case
  • Strategic product roadmap
  • Design system evolution
  • Mobile prototype demonstration
  • Hype-video

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