Walmart’s OREO Vote Platform.

Agency: Mirum | Role: Digital Creative Director
Key Deliverables: Customer Journey mapping, UX + Workflow concepts, Wireframes, and UI Design


The Ask:
Mondelez needed to drive awareness and excitement around a new cookie flavor that would be exclusive to Walmart in 2017.
What we did:
DESIGNED a multi-channel cookie election campaign and experience to give customers the power to choose the exclusive limited edition flavor for the 2017 launch at Walmart.
How it performed:
32MM+ Social Media Impressions
500k+ Page Views
Over 170k Votes
This program boasted a 1:48 for average time spent on site—a nod to the level of engagement that Mirum Shopper can reach for its clients. (The average for is just 1:12.)

150k+ Sweepstakes Entries
how it all came together 👇
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