Juicy Burger Builder.

Agency: Mirum Agency | Role: Creative Director
Program: Hellmanns/Best Foods Top Dish – Juicy Burger
Key Deliverables: UI Design Strategy, Concept models, Wireframes, and Visual Design
The Ask:
Convince heavy Safeway Hellmann’s / Best Food Mayonnaise shoppers that mayonnaise can be used beyond the sandwich condiment and transform their food to a larger scale.
The Solution:
Develop an experience that plays into the Grilling Theme Season and heroes Best Foods Mayo and the Juicy Burger recipe at Safeway. This digital extension of the program will show how easy it can be to make your burger juicier with Best Foods.
how it all came together 👇



Through our custom built “Burger Builder,” shoppers could create their own Burger using the Best Foods Juicy Burger Recipe while still being able to get creative with both the toppings and names.

Shoppers who built and shared their own burger were incentivized 10 extra entries into an online promotion where they could win Summer Grilling Gear or Gift Cards from Albertsons-Safeway Stores.

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