My First UX Project.

This is my first short blog post on random memories as a young and energetic designer.

Product: [Do Ur DeadFace] an iOS Social Media Application (2010–2011)
Role: Co-founder (Ben Popp Partner)& iOS UX and UI Designer

Highlights from our first press release: 

“Our favorite part in movies has always been watching the “dead face occur. I mean we’ve all seen every kind of dead face in the movies even if we don’t acknowledge them but they happen…a lot. Any ways, we felt it was too funny of a concept to leave behind. So, we created a place where you can submit your own “DUDFACE!” — Ben

“We called the idea “DUDFACE” because it symbolized the submission of your re-enactment…plus you also have ZERO chance of ever making the big screen and that’s cool… So they were called them “DUDS!” — Sal

“We targeted techy, active movie goers, and Comic-Con fans to really make a huge splash in the market. As the experience design lead, we met with these folks at events where we would find them in their element and pick their brain to get a full understanding of their passion for the cinematic world.” — Sal

After some quick research we decided to launch the iOS app at Comic Con. (Check out some pics from the day there)

We also took our idea and product to city universities in Chicago. Robert Morris University was one of the first to allow us to come in and show our design thinking process.

My 10 Year Later Reaction:
The idea was kind of stupid… but you got to admit it was kind of interesting especially when you think about what goes on inside an actor/actress head when they have to prepare for a death scene. It’s crazy! 

I am also super proud that we were both fresh out of school with no money, no work/life experience, but had an idea and wanted to test it out.

At the end of it all, I learned how to fail at design at such an early age and ever since then have been super cautious of testing an idea before designing anything. Test. Test. Test. Test your ideas always. Then do it again and again even if that idea is just words on a paper towel. 

Special thanks to my partner in crime on this Ben Popp for always inspiring to me to think like a kid and push creativity even when people look at you in a weird way.