Binge Magazine

Role: Co-Founder & Creative Director




When we interview, we mean business. With talented reporters, journalist and writers on staff we are able to capture a unique experience regardless if it is in person, over the phone or via email. We strive to be as personable as possible while showcasing our #BingeWorthy attitudes and professionalism. We love talking to people, we love giving people an outlet to get their voice out and we love telling a story. No matter if you are a celebrity, business owner, start-up, artist, musician or whatever, if you love binging on good then we are going to binge with you.

Not only do we provide great reading material but we love to allow our users to engage with fun quizzes, top list, videos, user generated content and scavenger hunts. We sometimes even put a little prize behind each engagement.

We strategize of all of our social media content through well thought out tactics which keep our users engaged as well in the loop with new interviews, contest, giveaways or post. By keeping our readers within our ecosystems and within own able Binge type trending material we are able to collect data based on what our readers are interested in and what they want more of. By introducing certain weekly social push posts such as New Music Monday or Binge On Fitness Challenges every Tuesday, we are able to feed in and out various categories that allow us to become well diverse in our range of topics.


Three successful launches in 2014, with original content such as #BingeFitnessWeek, #BingeFood&Drink and #BingeWineWeek found Binge Magazine as trending pieces all over Twitter and Instagram. These events made up the DNA of Binge Magazine and helped grow the business close to 40%. As we continue to plan out more events we will continue to utilize our “BingeOn” theme and story as the bread and butter of our business model. 2015 and 2016 promises to bring even bigger and better wins and expansions within greater metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles.