Vision Wheel B2B Ordering Portal.

Agency: Mirum Shopper | Role: UX Strategist & DESIGN Director

One of the more interesting projects that I’ve been able to lead and strategize around was for a successful and legendary wheel and tire company called Vision Wheel. These guys were not your typical wheel and tire sales guys, they truly  looked beyond the current trends and into the future of development, manufacturing, and distributing product that set their bar higher than any other competitor and we wanted to make sure we kept them up there. The one rare component that their business was lacking was an online system allowing their customers and internal teams to place orders and that is where we came in.

The Ask: Create a B2B shop site for Vision Wheel customers like Discount Tires and others to order online and browse the Vision Wheel catalog, inventory, pricing, and specifications.

Our Approach:
Identity the client’s business goals and potential user needs

The Process

Build User/Customer Group Mental Models:


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