Vision Wheel B2B Ordering Portal.

Agency: Mirum Shopper | Role: UX Strategist & DESIGN Director
Key Deliverables: Client and Customer Design Workshops, Business Requirements, Customer Journey Mapping, Mental Models, Task Analysis, UX Strategy, UX + Workflow concepts, Wireframes, UI Design, and Design System
Background: Vision Wheel Inc, a legendary tire and wheel distributor were not your typical sales guys. V.W. truly wanted to look beyond the current trends and into the future of development, manufacturing, and distributing products that set their bar higher than any other competitor and in return we wanted to make sure we helped them get there.
The immediate opportunity to help transform their business was to build an online ordering system which would help cut down phone call orders, time and physical effort for all employees.
What we did:
Created a B2B shop site for Vision Wheel customers like Discount Tires and others to order online and browse the Vision Wheel catalog, inventory, pricing, and specifications.
how it all came together 👇
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