Create Something Delicious with CrockPot.

Agency: Mirum | Role: Creative Director
Key Deliverables: Client and Customer Design Workshops, Business Requirements, Customer Journey Mapping, heuristic analysis, UX Strategy, platform idea, Key visuals, UX + Workflow concepts, Wireframes, and UI Design
What we did:
developed and designed a unique customer experience focused on strengthening the relationship with current Crock-Pot product users. Our main business goal was to drive repeat/new purchase and increase awareness, relevance and gain market share amongst an upcoming generation of slow cookers.
How it performed:
30MM+ Impressions
Our Influencer experience plan increased social conversation by 83%
66% Stick Rate | 41% Engagement Rate | 14.5% Return Rate
Site traffic from e-mails converted at 50% higher rate than non-e-email traffic
Additional 2,349 Email Sign Ups
how it all came together 👇
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  • CrockPot_UX
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