Huawei’s U.S. Launch.

Agency: Mirum Shopper | Role: Design Director

Background: Huawei was in search for the perfect U.S. social media agency who could think bigger than big and help launch their Mate 9 in the states. We knew they were the leading global information and communications technology solutions provider and that this was going to be a very different assignment than our typical ones.

Since the U.S. market was filled with Apple and Android users already we wanted to explore what it would really take to get someone to switch over to a new brand and boy, that is no easy task.

Key Objective was to establish Huawei as a premium brand and leverage social media to drive penetration in the U.S. market.

Strategic priorities:
1: Build the brand by partnering with leading social media influencers as brand ambassadors to get American consumers to take notice of Huawei and establish it as a premium brand. We wanted to capitalize on key trends and moments to establish Huawei as a culture setter.
2: Driving Product Sales with visual storytelling content, focus on male Android consumers, and turn brand ambassadors into affiliate sales reps.

The Creative Idea was all around readiness and letting the mobile users in the U.S. know we (Huawei) were coming and coming with everything PLUS more than their current device. Ready For You signaled that we had something great, something special, and the U.S. was missing out but now that we are here we could give users a much better experience while staying up to speed with their crazy, always on the go, and unpredicted daily adventures.

Our manifesto (animation build) + creative idea Reveal