AXE Tales By Mom Social Platform.

Agency: Mirum | Role: digital Creative Director
Key Deliverables: Core content model, Customer Journey Mapping, wal-mart shopper mental model, wal-mart shopper Strategy, social content platform idea and media plan.
The opportunity: AXE was in a three-year decline at Walmart, and was facing pressure from Old Spice.  The decline was driven by lost relevance for the brand – both for the young millennial male consumer and the mom who did the buying for him.
Solution: We created an idea called AXETales By Momthat brought Walmart Busy Family Moms into the conversation about their growing boys and the AXE brand.  We recruited a leading content creator, Scary Mommy, to reframe the conversation around the brand and drive moms into stores to purchase for their sons.  Custom content was promoted through Scary Mommy’s channels and then shared virally.  The program was a huge success; we are currently helping the client plan year two of the AXE Tales By Momplatform.
Results: 1.76MM video views / 31% increase in social engagements / Reversed negative sales trend

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