2017 Walmart OREO Vote CX.

Agency: Mirum | Role: Associate Creative Director and UX Lead


The Ask:
Mondelez needs to drive awareness and excitement around a new cookie flavor that will be exclusive to Walmart in 2017.

Our Solution:
Create a multi-channel cookie election campaign and experience to give customers the power to choose the exclusive limited edition flavor for the 2017 launch at Walmart.

UX Strategy/Design: Understanding All Touch-Points of the Shopper’s Journey & Flow

Here is the full program breakdown:
On the cusp of an election year, OREO was bringing a choice to snackers across the country: help us decide which exclusive, limited edition flavor would be brought to Walmart stores in 2017.

Two classic flavors, Caramel Apple and Cookies & Crème, along with one exciting new flavor, Jelly Donut, were competing to win the votes of Walmart shoppers.

Campaigning on their behalf? Retail Influencers, who voiced their opinions to their followers, sharing badges, visuals and other downloadable goodies and encouraging them to go vote on our brand engagement page. Shoppers who were already in stores, were greeted with fun instore visuals via end-caps, demos, and on-pack stickers that included a fun augmented reality experience which then pointed them to our site to cast their vote!

Once on the site, shoppers could cast their digital votes for a chance to win a Walmart gift card, which increased engagement 60% and drove shoppers into stores to redeem their prizes. We also sweetened the deal with downloadable goodies like profile pics, mobile backgrounds and badges, in order to increase the buzz around this exciting promotion.

Finally, after 12 days of passionate campaigning for these flavors, the people chose their winner and the party started!

Program Results and Dates: (4/27/2016–6/12/16)
32MM+ Social Media Impressions
500k+ Page Views
Over 170k Votes
This program boasted a 1:48 for average time spent on site—a nod to the level of engagement that Mirum Shopper can reach for its clients. (The average for
walmart.com is just 1:12.)

150k+ Sweepstakes Entries
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