Crock-Pot “Create Something Delicious”.

Agency: Mirum | Role: Associate Creative Director and UX Lead

The Ask: Develop a compelling activation program focused on strengthening the relationship with current Crock-Pot owners. Drive repeat purchase and increasing awareness, relevance and market share amongst an upcoming generation of slow cookers.

Customer Experience & Business Approach:
1. Identified what makes Crock-Pot an engaging brand for consumers and shoppers
2. Implement the plan to deliver on the strategy leveraging Jarden’s existing technology
3. Move the discussion beyond “campaigns” and defined a way of life to unlock deeper engagement with a purpose



Our Killer Campaign Idea:


Experience Map: Connecting all tactics together
Key Activation: The Newly Designed Crock-Pot Recipe Page

Mapping Out the Digital Customer Journey that challenged us to find the target audience within a cluttered social space was not easy so that is why we tapped into key social influencers who helped tell our story and point target customers through our funnel to purchase.

Customers were greeted to the newly and improved recipe page on Crockpot’s website where our idea was brought to life through a rebranded user interface complimented with subtle animations and a creative spin on how to search for recipes with helpful inspiration from strategically selected influencers who crafted their own recipes via custom video content and blog-like stories to speak directly to Crockpot users. We also encouraged customers to sign up for exclusive “Create Something Delicious” emails that included our three-pronged strategy (Build, Engage and Drive).




And the Success Showed through a 3 month period
30MM+ Impressions
Influencers increased social conversation by 83%
63 recipe videos included Crock-Pot
117 Blog Posts included original Crock-Pot Recipes
316,322 Sessions (+24% YOY) | Display 1.4% CTR | Social 2.4% CTR
66% Stick Rate | 41% Engagement Rate | 14.5% Return Rate
Site traffic from e-mails converted at 50% higher rate than non-e-email traffic
Additional 2,349 Email Sign Ups
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