Bring Back Simple.

Agency: Mirum Shopper | Role: DESIGN Director (content strategy contributor)

The Ask and Insight: Develop a national brand campaign idea and social media strategy to help attract metropolitan tech-driven  millennials, who are frustrated by the convoluted, excessively complex wireless experience they get with their current carrier and make them switch to a much simpler brand that promises a streamlined wireless process and a no-contract zone. Because this consumer has so much going on in life, they don’t want to deal with the hassles of switching because they rely so much on their phone and can’t be without service. In an era where the term “revolutionary” has become watered down as nothing more than marketing speak, the idea of a simple (yet powerful) wireless experience is an idea that actually seems revolutionary to this audience.

Our Strategy: Distill the complexity of wireless choices to get switchers to see the simple truth of Simple Mobile.

Our Creative Approach:
Explore the many ways each competitor was communicating and visually showing what “simple” meant and looked like. Once we completed our audit, we landed around this space called “Bring Back Simple.”

We liked how we could define “Simple” as the “new revolutionary” that was presented in the original insight. We knew this was key and knew we were not talking about nostalgia, we are talking about a revolution.  Enough with the Big 4.  Enough with plan limits. Enough with running out of data.  It’s all too complicated, and it’s just not working.

So what did that look like?
Given the 3 day turnaround, we explored various ways of visually expressing the idea.
FINAL Design Direction:
Leverage a clean space that can break down the polluted wireless and stressful world. With our design we will visually define simple vs what other people say it is. Our brand design needs to naturally say: “We get simple. We understand simple.” Add the attitude of the millennial and an well-broken out divider of practical points vs lifestyle.

Promotionally, we can bring back simple in peoples’ lives and capture content celebrating the moment.  We can tell our story in “life hack” nuggets to emphasize simplicity.  We can be good samaritans eliminating complexity, confusion and convolution.

FINAL Concept statement and campaign visual + ideA + Overall Content & Communication plan
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