Get To Know Me

I’m Sal Bolaños, an award winning creative with experience ranging from visual design to user experience design. Since 2008, I’ve had the privilege to lend my expertise to many well-known clients, agencies, and brands across the United States as well as internationally.

I believe my hybrid background in creative user experience design, strategy, concept development, commerce activations, and all around business leadership separates me from the standard Creative Directors who tend to stay safe within their discpline. As a creative business transformer, I can promise you that I will always and continue invent, innovate, and challenge the status-quo.

Besides falling deeply in love with what I am tasked to do everyday, I must say that what I find most thrilling is my passion to coach, lead, inspire and direct a creative team. Being able to insert my expertise within any key department of the business and collaborate to bring meaningful moments and solutions to life is where I flourish.

On a more personal note, I pride myself on being a highly motivated free spirit with a humorous personality who has the ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. To get in the right mindset for a busy day at the office I get my creative juices flowing through a weight-lifting session at the gym —— followed by a a caffine kick with a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee run.

I owe much of my dedication and passion to succeed to my time as a college and semi pro baseball player where I learned that my strong work ethic and leadership personality would carry over off the ball field and into the working world. I currently am co-founder of and an active volunteer for many several non for profit organizations in my hometown of East Chicago, Indiana which keeps me grounded and humble. Check em out! and

2018 – JWT High Potential award ’18 (only 50 selected RECIPIENTS from over 12,000 employees)
2016 – Shopper Marketing EFFIE Award – SHOPPER EXPERIENCE (Gold)
LunchBox: ACD (Art) – “CVS Love Your Skin Platform”
2016 – Shopper Marketing EFFIE Award – MANUFACTURER SHOPPER SOLUTION (Bronze)
LunchBox: ACD (Art) – “Publix Best Meals Happen At Home Platform”
2015 – HBA Vendor of the Year
LunchBox: ACD (Art) – “Dollar General” All Access Beauty Hub” –
2011 – Top Designers of 2011
The Creative Group
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